Thursday, 30 January 2014

Inspired Through Solutions

For some motivation is an innate sense of being. A fire that continually burns through unquestioned self belief, inspiration or the unrelenting focus on achievement. They focus on the positive and see the negatives as lessons learnt. Obstacle are seen as a challenges, the emotion of fear is wasted energy and procrastination as a cost on the inevitable. They focus on the solution as this will provide the answer to move forward and advance ever closer to their goal. For some, self motivation comes naturally but for others it takes practice, reminding and focus.

For many what inspires us is progress. When we can see the benefits of our labors through achievement, it motivates us to continue to strive. By us continuing to strive for achievement we will continue to be motivated.

What many struggle with is the self discipline to continue the fight when we are faced with obstacles that may slow or hinder our progress. Obstacles are only as large as we sometimes perceive them to be. There are answers to every problem, sometimes many answers, but it is the focus on the solution that creates the opportunity for progress.

It is the ability to train your mindset to see everything as an opportunity and the ability for advancement that will inspire you to be self motivated. Always seek the solution and never allow yourself to be burdened with the continual thought of the problem.

This does not mean to ignore the problem , but to source the root of the problem and solve it. Create operational or strategic changes that inhibit the problem from re arising and continue to move forward.

"The problem is a by product of the past, the solution is the answer to progress".

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