Wednesday, 19 November 2014


There is no secret that confidence in the current market is lacking which is affecting the financial position of companies across many industries. This has forced many companies to embrace, change. Companies may develop strategies based on cutting costs and waiting for the storm to pass. Emmanuel Lardis from Logicus Training Solutions says “Entrepreneurial decision makers invest in growth strategies to increase productivity and create opportunities designed to increase sales and market share”.

“We have heard of companies that boom in times of economic hardship, how they do it?” said Emmanuel. “These businesses do it the SMART way by developing new strategies and outsourcing solutions to generate more SALES”. “Companies are still working with strategies that are now outdated, ineffective and do not provide the same return on investment as they did in the past” So many things have changed even in the last 5 years, such as technology, the economy and customer perceptions. Shouldn’t sales strategies also change?”
Ashlee Borovina from Impact Panel and Paint in Joondalup said “Many businesses we speak to seem to be struggling.” “We have looked at getting advice from experts such as Emmanuel who has given us the tools required to move forward and continue to grow our business”.

Emmanuel said “While others wait out the uncertainty, the opportunist will capitalise on capturing a larger slice of the market share, strengthening their position as the economy finds its feet.”

Outsourcing reputable sales trainers and coaches that provide current strategies can provide ongoing financial rewards. Sales advisors can provide different angles, markets and direction that can be seen if you know how, where and what to look for.

The market is in a cleansing period that is pushing out businesses reluctant to change and increase market share for those who are willing to adapt and invest in the future.  We have a choice of waiting for the uncertainty to pass us by, or pushing forward by generating more sales and growing your business, the SMART way.

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